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Zero Waste Team

About The Team

Clements Environmental has started work on a 10-year, $14 million contract to provide outreach and education services to over 6,000 commercial accounts as part of the City of Los Angeles’s new recycling program “RecycLA”. As sub-contractor to Universal Waste Systems, the Clements Zero Waste Team will enroll and train every commercial and large multi-family account in the Northeast Zone of the City in the new system which includes not only blue bin recycling of traditional recyclables, but also green bin recycling of organics. With its seven prime contractors covering 11 exclusive franchise zones, the City expects to achieve “zero waste” (over 90% diversion) by 2025.

Clements Zero Waste Team at Landfill
For this contract, we hired 20 new employees as shown in our opening day celebration photo at the new UWS team office near downtown LA.