95% Success Rate in Permitting Facilities


Start right. Finish well.

95%+ success rate at obtaining all facility permits and approvals!

When projects fail, they fail right out of the box, shot down in the permitting process.  We can save you time, money and heartburn.

At Clements, we provide environmental consulting and engineering services from project inception to the point of hard design and construction.  We are specialists in project development (MRFs, transfer stations, composting, and new renewable energy and fuel technologies):

For a full list of our services click this link: Clements Services Summary Sheet

  • Site Selection
  • Facility Design
  • Community Outreach
  • Presentations
  • Permits and Approvals
    • Land Use
    • CEQA
    • Stormwater
    • Air
    • Solid Waste
  • On-Going Compliance Reporting
    • CalRecycle Review
    • Stormwater Reports
    • CUPA / Haz Mat
  • Feasibility and Analysis
    • Market Assessments
    • Climate Action (GHG Reduction)
    • Industry Forecasting
    • Program Development (Municipalities)
  • Grant and Proposal Writing




Site Selection

Clements is expert at assisting clients in finding and evaluating sites for project development.  We know the zoning codes, the access issues related to truck traffic, the distances needed from residential areas or other sensitive receptors, and other factors.  The company has developed selection criteria that it uses to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each candidate site.

Permits and Approvals


This is our main business.  We have successfully permitted over 50 facilities including: transfer stations, MRFs (clean and dirty), composting sites, C&D processing, e-waste recycling, or medical waste treatment.  Our years of experience in the planning process provides our clients with streamlined approaches to what are often long, drawn out permitting procedures.   We bring all our resources to bear on such projects.

Facility Design


Through our years of experience on scores of projects, we have become expert at creating innovative and functional site plans and building layouts for all types of solid waste projects.   To do so requires intimate knowledge of the operations of MRFs and transfer stations, spatial arrangements of greenwaste and C&D processing yards, weigh scale locations, truck turning radii, building configurations and clearance height – a multitude of inter-connected issues and design features.  We work closely with architects and design engineers to bring the project all the way through to the construction phase

Community Outreach


Many of our clients’ projects that involve facility development are controversial.  Even with the public and elected officials supportive of new MRFs and composting, the NIMBY syndrome is still very strong, as are Environmental Justice issues.  Our firm has become expert by being in the “line of fire”, personally presenting our clients’ projects at public meetings, Planning Commission hearings, and stakeholder workshops.  We work closely with community activists and City Council offices alike and have been successful in navigating these treacherous waters and getting projects through the process and built.

Climate Action (GHG reduction)


Climate change is a huge issue and the reduction of Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) is one of the major benefits of all recycling, composting and energy recovery projects.  We use the EPA WARM model and other tools to calculate the reduction in GHGs achieved by our clients and their operations.  At some point, these reductions will be worth real money as the California Carbon Cap and Trade System continues to pick up steam.



Our firm is expert at designing and producting project presentations and developing graphic public relations pieces whether Power Point, video, website design, brochures, or good old-fashioned, presentation boards.  Being able to clearly and simply present projects is critical to successful development.  We are comfortable in front of large audiences or important elected officials.  We’ve made hundreds of presentations of all types.