95% Success Rate in Permitting Facilities

Key Projects



Advance Disposal 1,500 TPD MRF (Hesperia, CA):  Clements is performing all land use and environmental permitting and site layout for the expansion of an existing 600 TPD facility to a legacy 1,500 TPD facility located in Hesperia, CA.  The modified facility features a MRF processing system for mixed MSW, as well as green waste chipping & grinding, and C&D processing.


Plasco Energy Group 450 TPD Gasification Facility (Salinas, CA): Clements will provide all permitting services for the proposed 450 TPD Plasco Energy Group gasification facility for the Salinas Valley Solid Waste Authority.  The project, to be located at the Johnson Canyon Landfill, includes a massive CEQA effort, as well as outreach to the community, businesses, elected officials, and other stakeholders.


TVI 3,000 TPD EcoCentre (Irvine, CA):  Clements performed all land use and environmental permitting for the 3,000 TPD EcoCentre facility located in the Orange County Great Park in Irvine, California.  The project includes the following activities:  clean MRF, commercial MRF, C&D processing, Green waste chipping & grinding, composting, e-Waste deconstruction and recycling, a buy-back recycling center, and food waste composting via vermiculture.  Anaerobic digestion is planned for the future.


LA Department of Public Works Conversion Technology (Los Angeles, CA): Clements provided consulting services to the County of Los Angeles Public Works Department to encourage and support the development of conversion technologies in the Los Angeles area and through California.  These clean technologies convert MSW to electricity or fuels.


Integrated Recycling Facility (Fort Collins, CO):  The City of Fort Collins, CO engaged the services of Clements Environmental to develop an analysis for an integrated recycling facility (IRF) to manage a variety of discarded materials, possibly including but not limited to: electronic waste; household hazardous waste; compostable organics, including yard waste and food scraps; construction and demolition debris; and, other types of recyclable commodities.  The facility is funded and in development.


MarBorg 1,000 TPD MRF (Santa Barbara, CA):  Clements is responsible for the design, development, and economic analysis of this 1,000 TPD MRF and transfer station in the heart of the City of Santa Barbara.  This plant will process both curbside recyclables and mixed MSW in twin, state-of-the-art 30 TPH sorting lines.


Mid Valley Disposal 1,500 TPD Facility (Kerman, CA):  Clements is performing all land use and environmental permitting for the 1,500 TPD facility located in Kerman, California that includes a MRF, transfer station, C&D recycling, anaerobic digestion, CNG conversion from biogas, and air emission controlled composting.  Permitting and approvals included a Conditional Use Permit, Solid Waste Facility Permit, Stormwater Permit, and Spill Control and Contingency Plan.  This work involves close interface with the City of Kerman Planning, the Fresno County Department of Community Health (the LEA), CalRecycle, the Central Valley RWQCB, and the SJVAPCD.


RENEW LA (Los Angeles, CA): Clements prepared a 20-year comprehensive plan for the City of Los Angeles based on a zero waste concept.  This plan included system configurations for residential, commercial, and construction and demolition debris waste streams that combined policies, programs and facilities to attain diversion of over 90%.  Assessments of waste streams, conversion technologies, diversion, costs, environmental impacts, and transportation issues were made.  RENEW LA recommended 12 actions by the City Council, of which nearly all have been enacted.


Air Permitting New Emissions Control Technology (Southern CA):  Clements obtained complex air permits for the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) for an innovative medical waste destruction and air emission control system.


Universal Waste Services MRF and Transfer Station (Santa Fe Springs, CA) : Clements prepared the site layout and functional design and will handle all permitting tasks for this 2,500 TPD MRF/TS in the City of Santa Fe Springs.  The plant includes a curbside MRF, foodwaste processing operation, and transfer functions.