95% Success Rate in Permitting Facilities


Proud To Serve

Clements is proud to serve both the private and public sector in its role as consultant, planner, designer, and outreach and education expert.  Our clientele reads like a “Who’s Who” of the solid waste industry in California and includes:


I want you to know how much we appreciate all the excellent groundwork Clements laid for the integrated recycling facility.  The analysis and report has provided a strong foundation for getting the new facility approved for funding, as well as getting evaluated by our Development Review staff.  The hands-on experience in the recycling industry that Clements brought to the Fort Collins project was invaluable!

– Susie Gordon, Senior Environmental Planner, Fort Collins, CO


“Clements Environmental was the first and only call that we made when it came to permitting our facility. Their experience, professionalism, and expertise is second to none.”

–Mark Blackburn, President, UWS


 “For almost 30 years, I’ve worked extensively with Clements developing Transfer Stations, MRFs, C&D Recycling Facilities, e-Waste Recycling plants, and Composting operations.  Clements has the permitting knowledge, experience, and network to tackle all our requirements and make these projects happen.”

–Art Kazarian, Founder, Tierra Verde Industries


Client Photos

Chip with Jim Stewart of Proton Power, Bill Walden of Technikon, and Dennis Balakian of West Coast Waste at the Balakian's Madera County Compost site.

Chip with Jim Stewart of Proton Power, Bill Walden of Technikon, and Dennis Balakian of West Coast Waste at the Balakian’s Madera County Compost site.

Chip with John Richardson

Chip with Community Recycling Senior VP, John Richardson, at work in the field on their stormwater control system


Dedication Ceremony for the Big Bear MRF.

(From the left: Chip Clements, President, Clements Environmental; Art Kazarian, Big Bear Disposal; Supervisor James Ramos, 3rd District,  County of San Bernardino, CA; Frank Forbes, Big Bear Disposal; Ken Thomson, President, Facility Builders & Erectors)

Chip with 25-year client Art Kazarian of Tierra Verde Industries as Art was inducted into the Hall of Fame at Waste Expo 2013 in New Orleans, LA.